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PerG is a unique human resources and employee relations consulting organization.  We focus on a broad range of workplace issues, including "ripped from the headlines", which will help enhance your employee brand and lessen your exposure to legal risk.  As an independent, hands-on, consultancy, we take on limited assignments at any one time to completely focus on our client needs by our senior partners.  As we have been both consultants and line HR officers, we have the unique ability to work with you and your staff and the issues at hand as chances are, we have been in the exact same situation you are in and understand it from a company perspective and sensitivity, not just a dispassionate consultant point of view. We take your company and employees' pulses and use that knowledge to better understand how to enhance the areas where you are having success and address areas needing improvement. 


An added and important benefit is that our managing partner and a number of our consultants are non-practicing attorneys, who as human resource professionals approach your challenges with a business impact perspective first and foremost.  This valuable perspective allows us to be more creative in issue resolution and program design.


Visit the appropriate sections of our site by clicking on the specific buttons above or below that will address your current and critical issues. Or send us a message with your specific need, and contact information and we will return with an answer in 24 hours or less.